Ashoka Fellow

Ashoka: Innovators for the Public is a global organisation that identifies and invests in leading social entrepreneurs throughout the world. The global vision of Ashoka is to define and create a new professional association of social entrepreneurship.

“Social entrepreneur” refers to an individual who has crafted new and innovative solutions for existing social problems and whose ideas have the potential for broader replication thereby creating a large-scale social impact.

Since its founding in 1980, the Ashoka Fellowship has supported more than 1,700 social entrepreneurs in over 60 countries. The Ashoka Fellowship invests in the individual, rather than the individual’s projects by providing both financial and non-financial resources.

In 2006, Hasina was selected as a life-long Ashoka Fellow, from India for her work in developing the “Meghalaya Model” (now called the Impulse Model) while working through her organisation Impulse NGO Network.

During the three-year fellowship, the model was applied and integrated regionally throughout Northeast India, and nationally. It has now also been scaled internationally, to Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Nepal.

For details regarding the Impulse Model, please click here.

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Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP) & Commonwealth Youth Ambassador for Positive Living (CYAPL)

Commonwealth Youth Programme is an international development agency that works to provide young adults (aged 15-29) with skills, confidence, and avenues to initiate better futures for themselves, their families, and their communities.

A former recipient of CYP’s Asia Award for Excellence in Youth Work in 2000, Hasina was selected as a Commonwealth Youth Ambassador for Positive Living in 2004 for her breadth of knowledge in youth health issues and her communication and public relations skills.

The Commonwealth Youth Ambassadors for Positive Living is a CYP Asia Region initiative meant to support youth participation in fighting HIV/AIDS.

As a Commonwealth Youth Ambassador, Hasina’s work included launching youth programmes to promote youth participation and awareness, collaborating with relevant organisations (such as governmental agencies, NGOs, and developmental organisation) to establish and strengthen networks, and working with the media to publicise issues related to HIV/AIDS and substance abuse.

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In 2007, Hasina completed her service as a Commonwealth Youth Ambassador and now serves as part of the CYAPL Alumni. As an alumni member, she serves as a resource for the agency and lends her support and expertise to improving national and international advocacy, organizing programmes, developing policies and strategies, conducting research and development, and training new CYAPL members.