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Writing is a passion for Hasina.  She expresses this passion as a journalist and poet.  Her work has appeared in numerous English-language publications throughout India and abroad.  In addition, Hasina has served as an editor for several international publications.

Hasina’s work as a journalist began in 1993.  As a freelance journalist and columnist, she has contributed regularly to many local, regional, national, and international publications.  Her articles have been published in multiple newspapers including The Meghalaya Guardian, The Shillong Times, North East Times, and Newsline.  She has also contributed articles to several magazines and journals such as Prime Time, Eastern Panorama, and The North East Sun.  In addition, since 2001, she has contributed to The W.A.S.H. Rag – Women Against Sexual Harassment, a U.S.-based newsletter.  Her earlier writing included a wide range of topics, such as fashion, beauty, health, art, and culture.  In recent years, her writing has been focused more on social development issues and human rights, especially child rights, women’s rights, and human trafficking, which has been published in several books.

Alongside her love of journalism, Hasina has expressed her passion for writing through her poetry.  “Through poetry I trail the path of my unconscious mind, living the thoughts of mind which generally get lost in the day-to-day hectic life,” says Hasina.  She has published three collections of poems – The Woman in Me (1997), Beyond the Veil (2001), and Unknown Destination (2003).  Beyond the Veil was published in English and also translated into French.

In recent years, Hasina has devoted herself to carrying out her social mission through Impulse and other social development work.   She has made the difficult decision of putting her writing aside to be able to focus on her work.  However, in the future, Hasina hopes to be able to return to her poetry and journalism, and perhaps one day combine it with her ongoing work as a social developer by writing about issues such as human trafficking and human rights.

Writing about Human Rights and Social Development

In addition to research publications and contributions, Hasina has written social development and human rights-related articles in various journals and compilations.  These writings include:

  • (2001- Present) The W.A.S.H. Rag – Women Against Sexual Harassment, www.washrag.org, U.S. based newsletter
  • (April 2001) “Child Labour – A Concern in Meghalaya”, Social Defence – A Quarterly Journal, published by National Institute of Social Defence (NISD)
  • (January 2003) “Adolescent Health and HIV/AIDS”, Social Defence – A Quarterly Journal, published by National Institute of Social Defence (NISD)
  • (January – March 2004) “Towards highlighting rural development in Meghalaya”, Journal of the North Eastern Council, Vol. 24, No.1
  • (April/May 2006) “Spreading Awareness” about HIV-AIDS and Human Rights, Combat Law – The Human Rights Bimonthly, published by Human Rights Law Network
  • (2007) “Child and the Law” – In Context to Trafficking Issues, Human Rights (With Special Reference to North-East India, based on November 2003 regional seminar on Human Rights: Significance and Implications with reference to North-East India
  • (2007) “Changing Faces” essay published in Beyond Boundaries: Reflections of Indian and U.S. Scholars

Writing about Personal Experiences

Hasina has also written to express her personal perspectives on a broad array of topics.  A selection of her personal writing can be read here.

Work as a Journalist (in English-language newspapers and magazines)

  • 1993-1999: Eastern Panorama (monthly North East magazine), covered topics on fashion, women, environment, health, art reviews and interviews; Contributed as a freelance writer
  • 1993-2000: The Meghalaya Guardian (daily North East newspaper), covered topics on women, youth, art reviews, music, beauty, fashion, health, gender, women and children’s rights, adolescent health, interviews; contributed as a regular contributor
  • 1994:  Prime-Time and Pine Queen (monthly North East magazine), covered topics on fashion, beauty, and tourism; contributed as a columnist for the North East
  • 1994: Newsline (weekly business newspaper); contributed as a freelance journalist for the North East
  • 1994-1999: Apphira (daily local newspaper), covered topics on women, youth, sports, fashion, beauty, health, and reviews; contributed as a regular columnist
  • 1996-1999: covered “Youth Forum” career counseling column using pen name (H. Kaybee); contributed as a regular columnist
  • 1996-2000: North East Sun (New Delhi-based English publication), covered topics on beauty, fashion, gender rights, women’s issues, viewpoints, fiction, campus calling and youth development, art reviews, reports and interviews; contributed as a regular freelance journalist

Work as an Editor

  • (2000) Explore World Peace Mission: An Anthology of World Poems, published by Impulse
  • (2001) Wind Whispering Soul, Kama Kamanda
  • (2001) Tales, Kama Kamanda
Writing Poetry

Hasina’s love of poetry began during her teenage years during which time she began submitting her poems to school journals and college magazines.  In 1994, she received Honourable Mention in the All India Poetry Contest held by The Quest, a biannual journal of Indian writing in English.  From 1994 to 2001, Hasina contributed regularly to The Quest and affiliated poetry anthologies.  In 1995, her poetry first reached international readers when six of her poems were published in a U.S.-based poetry journal.  Since then, she has continued to publish internationally, including regular contributions from 1997-2001 in the journal, Poet, an international monthly poetry journal.

In 1995, as her poetry made its debut in international publications, Hasina was recognized by prominent Indian novelist and journalist Khushwant Singh as a promising young poet of Meghalaya.  Singh commented, “She is more concerned with human emotions than with the landscape or revolution.”  Hasina’s earlier works of poetry focused on human emotions and personal experiences, but over the years her poetry has gradually shifted to other topics such as world peace and travel.  A selection of her poems can be viewed here.

In 2000, she was invited and sponsored to be part of the 2nd World Congress of Poets for Poetry Research and Recitation held in Yanji, China and Seoul, Korea.  In Yanji, she presented her poem, “Give Peace a Chance” and short story, “Once Upon a Story.”

When the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the year 2000 as the ‘International Year for the Culture of Peace,’ Hasina commemorated this declaration with her organization Impulse by hosting a poetry contest.  In collaboration with Writers’ Forum – Ranchi, the contest brought together poets of diverse backgrounds, ranging from young students to international writers, who expressed their longing for peace.  Winning submissions were compiled and published as Explore World Peace Mission: An Anthology of World Poems, which was distributed internationally.  Hasina served as the editor for the publication.