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Suresh Saggar : October 8, 2011 3:03 pm : Poems

So many nations
So many cultures
Poets gather
To exchange views
for world peace.

The packed audience
is flooded and flooded
The invaluable views
Are recited through poems
Hearts moved
Poets hug each other.

Neither creed, caste
Nor religions or cultures
The hospitality extended
To each and every poet
Show the uniqueness
Of the Korean culture.

Korea, the land of peace
The land of culture
The land of heritage
You love it, we love it
Out bond of friendship
Shall remain immortal
I pray God, yes…
To bless humanity with peace.
Let every poet
Become a slave of peace.

WIM 2002

Suresh Saggar : October 8, 2011 3:02 pm : Poems

A demonstration
Of dynamic efforts
Taken by women of South East Asia
Of challenging battles
Each day open a fresh page
Of experience.

Centex records the happenings
Each day unfolds a different story
A splendid experience of knowledge
In moments
Each one still searching
The color of knowledge
A search
Management knowledge is the endless
Race, race is life
Project work presentation
Teaching us to recognize our own voice
To whom on our return we relates
Our visions
The team at Centex made it possible.


Suresh Saggar : October 8, 2011 1:57 pm : Poems

Embracing white snow
Towards the snake mountain of hope
Towards the Lulea town of peace.
Dark blue skies floating free.

Wondering over the mountain
In and around Lulea.
Whole  afternoon
The evening appears dark.
They sailed away hundred of miles.

Ah! I was lost in a world of fantasy

I ponder deep on the themes of
My poetry, and all the wim
Participants… for beauty and peace

While passing on unknown country village
closing eyes I listen to the sounds.
That I might go back one day
Deep in the White Mountain.


Suresh Saggar : October 8, 2011 1:56 pm : Poems

For years now the night has
Embraced me
I put up no resistance
Perhaps because I like to hide
In its darkness…..
The density of the moisture of night
Compels my eyes to shut.

I am sleeping on the stranded strand
I am almost imbecile, but instead I am asleep.
The security here is excellent.

I am dreaming that when it is time to waken up
It will still be night.
Where are you daughter of the night,
I know you will return.
I shall speak to you in the belly
Of the night.
Dreams of abandoned
Order  keep me company
Each night.
There I”ll talk and talk
Do not call me crazy lady
Because my steps lead me to the unknown

I unravel them
Until they lose all meaning,
Never nothing I refused.


Suresh Saggar : October 8, 2011 1:55 pm : Poems

The absence of movements is not stillness
The absence of noise is not silence,
Being voiceless you couldn’t openly
Being voiceless you couldn’t express your pain.
The power of the masses is made to sleep.

HATRED”  fumes in hundred of homes
Manifest in a variety of syndromes.
Who with bleeding hearts
Shall redden the pages.
New ideas merely can change,
Violence, Terrorism and hatred prevail…
The century can be wonderful
In case our lives are fruitful
What one sees arches?
One surely finds
The essence of existence is only time.


Suresh Saggar : October 8, 2011 1:55 pm : Poems

Children do not make concept,
How would they know that
The world is full of people,
Who sup on innocent souls,
Voice has also got an existence-
which transform itself into many

Children innocently asked…
Where the weeds of anger sprout,
Human race is a complex molecule.
I went forward and met a girl
She asked?
What all this you are doing today,
The smile that blooms
As a flower in June.


Suresh Saggar : October 8, 2011 1:54 pm : Poems

The essential quality of writing poetry, the
diagrams tell us is meditation.
We meditate on our ideas our thought
and feelings, and shape in the light
of our experiences.  Poetry is the
spontaneous overflow of powerful
Emotions, crystallized in words.
Poetry one of the oldest form of
literature is generally characterized
by musical pattern of sounds which
are based on the natural qualities
of spoken languages however not all
arrangement of ideas and words
based on a musical structure
Of lines and stanzas can be,
considered poetic poetry subordinate
musical structure of languages to the
direct expression or communication
of experiences.


Suresh Saggar : October 8, 2011 1:53 pm : Poems

ITS  reverberations deep into my heart
Create one more bell,
Build one more stupa,
Did all he could do his best
Freedom can also be obtained by peace
Preach it trumpet blast.
In the life of world can he be forgotten
of love and sympathy whose heart
was ocean.

For I who made the choice
Knowing I would count the cost
For new thought we may dwell in secret space.
The dream beautiful where it began
Our paradise shared as crystal shines contained.

Time and again
With our bowed heads and folded hands
For your coming back on the painful
You promised long time back
I will come again
The rearless shore
The tideless sea
In outer form set far apart
On hostile sands of life for release
An uneasy pact, a statement of fact
In vacillating sweep we crash
Rebel emotions in undulating  length
Our inner order mirror our heart
The better preconception is
generally fixed into.
In this circle that I’ve drawn
I do not mourn, I do not care
Drop of love from his vital heart
In harmony my night retreats
Like the seed that grows into a plant
Till it sprouts its root and established
a firm relationship with the earth
sincerity and love still do prevail
like a butterfly
the open door to the sky

For you who knew not the intimate
Of my heart that bore love
early flame
Love is the lock that smashes the shell
Its ember
and so I lie in its dream
A thought linger.


Suresh Saggar : October 8, 2011 1:52 pm : Poems

Embracing blue mountains,
Towards the hill of hope
Towards the village of peace
White clouds floating free

Wondering over the skies Whole day
The evening sun appears dark red,
They sailed away hundred of miles.
Ah! I was lost in a world of
I ponder deep on the themes of
my poetry, for beauty and peace
While passing an unknown country village.
Closing eyes I listen to the sounds
That I might go back one day
Deep in the mountain.


Suresh Saggar : October 8, 2011 1:51 pm : Poems

Dark scar of the night
To immortalize the past
With the eyes of the future
Every moment hoping to return

Man hidden behind childhood
With renewed fear in his marrow
At no cost shall I speak
The seed of one’s own suffering
Grows into love for others.

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