My Poetry

So many nations
So many cultures
Poets gather
To exchange views
for world peace.

The packed audience
is flooded and flooded
The invaluable views
Are recited through poems
Hearts moved
Poets hug each other.

Neither creed, caste
Nor religions or cultures
The hospitality extended
To each and every poet
Show the uniqueness
Of the Korean culture.

Korea, the land of peace
The land of culture
The land of heritage
You love it, we love it
Out bond of friendship
Shall remain immortal
I pray God, yes…
To bless humanity with peace.

Let every poet
Become a slave of peace.

A demonstration
Of dynamic efforts
Taken by women of South East Asia
Of challenging battles
Each day open a fresh page
Of experience.
Centex records the happenings
Each day unfolds a different story
A splendid experience of knowledge
In moments
Each one still searching
The colour of knowledge
A search
Management knowledge is the endless
Race, race is life
Project work presentation
Teaching us to recognize our own voice
To whom on our return we relates
Our visions
The team at Centex made it possible

Embracing white snow
Towards the snake mountain of hope
Towards the Lulea town of peace.
Dark blue skies floating free.
Wondering over the mountain
In and around Lulea.
Whole  afternoon
The evening appears dark.
They sailed away hundred of miles.
Ah! I was lost in a world of fantasy
I ponder deep on the themes of
My poetry, and all the wim
Participants… for beauty and peace
While passing on unknown
country village
closing eyes I listen to the sounds.
That I might go back one day
Deep in the White Mountain


For years now the night has
Embraced me
I put up no resistance
Perhaps because I like to hide
In its darkness…..
The density of the moisture of night
Compels my eyes to shut.
I am sleeping on the stranded strand
I am almost imbecile, but instead I am asleep.
The security here is excellent.
I am dreaming that when it is time to waken up
It will still be night.
Where are you daughter of the night,
I know you will return.
I shall speak to you in the belly
Of the night.
Dreams of abandoned
Order  keep me company
Each night.
There I”ll talk and talk
Do not call me crazy lady
Because my steps lead me to the unknown
I unravel them
Until they lose all meaning,
Never nothing I refused.


The absence of movements is not stillness
The absence of noise is not silence,
Being voiceless you couldn’t openly
Being voiceless you couldn’t express your pain.
The power of the masses is made to sleep.
HATRED”  fumes in hundred of homes
Manifest in a variety of syndromes.
Who with bleeding hearts
Shall redden the pages.
New ideas merely can change,
Violence, Terrorism and hatred prevail…
The century can be wonderful
In case our lives are fruitful
What one sees arches?
One surely finds
The essence of existence is only time.

Children do not make concept,
How would they know that
The world is full of people,
Who sup on innocent souls,
Voice has also got an existence-
which transform itself into many
Children innocently asked…
Where the weeds of anger
Human race is a complex
I went forward and met a girl
She asked?
What all this you are doing
The smile that blooms
As a flower in June.


The essential quality of writing poetry, the
diagrams tell us is meditation.
We meditate on our ideas our thought
and feelings, and shape in the light
of our experiences.  Poetry is the
spontaneous overflow of powerful
Emotions, crystallized in words.
Poetry one of the oldest form of
literature is generally characterized
by musical pattern of sounds which
are based on the natural qualities
of spoken languages however not all
arrangement of ideas and words
based on a musical structure
Of lines and stanzas can be,
considered poetic poetry subordinate
musical structure of languages to the
direct expression or communication
of experiences.

ITS  reverberations deep into my heart
Create one more bell,
Build one more stupa,
Did all he could do his best
Freedom can also be obtained by peace
Preach it trumpet blast.
In the life of world can he be forgotten
of love and sympathy whose heart
was ocean.
For I who made the choice
Knowing I would count the cost
For new thought we may dwell in
secret space.
The dream beautiful where it began
Our paradise shared as crystal shines
Time and again
With our bowed heads and folded
For your coming back on the painful
You promised long time back
I will come again
The rearless shore
The tideless sea
In outer form set far apart
On hostile sands of life for release
An uneasy pact, a statement of fact
In vacillating sweep we crash
Rebel emotions in undulating  length
Our inner order mirror our heart
The better preconception is
generally fixed into.
In this circle that I’ve drawn
I do not mourn, I do not care
Drop of love from his vital heart
In harmony my night retreats
Like the seed that grows into a
Till it sprouts its root and established
a firm relationship with the earth
sincerity and love still do prevail
like a butterfly
the open door
to the sky
For you who knew not the intimate
Of my heart that bore love
early flame
Love is the lock that smashes the
Its ember
and so I lie in its dream
A thought linger.

Embracing blue mountains,
Towards the hill of hope
Towards the village of peace
White clouds floating free
Wondering over the skies
Whole day
The evening sun appears dark
They sailed away hundred of
Ah! I was lost in a world of
I ponder deep on the themes of
my poetry, for beauty and peace
While passing an unknown
country village.
Closing eyes I listen
to the sounds
That I might go back one
Deep in the mountain.

Dark scar of the night
To immortalize the past
With the eyes of the future
Every moment hoping to return
Man hidden behind childhood
With renewed fear in his marrow
At no cost shall I speak
The seed of one’s own suffering
Grows into love for others.

Many false visions are fastened to us,
Many unreal values surround us.
But man comes with these naturally.
I could write verses and more
to make the revolution
in this world to make it
We will be millions of victories.
It was then the invisible bars.
Teaching me to recognize my own
To whom on our return we relate
our vision.
Every moment the sun rises
And we shall advance once more
We will never be afraid.

While I write my poetry,
You sing at the tip of my pen,
A single line of poetry,
A single tune of harmony,
Your confession was a pleasant
seemed almost unbelievable,
You won’t know of my wild idea
But if you do
I must run far away
You look for something,
In my empty life,
Who are you inviting?
Waving hands! smiling face!
In empty hearts
Coming and Going
Shedding tears,
My pathetic heart’s crying,
For the unfulfilled promises
Crouching dow,
I cry!
Often whimpers in the night
Wetting my pillow with tears.

A wall built unconsciously!
Two nations?
The wall dividedTo be broken down-
For both the sids.
The white clouds floating
Above them.
Innocent people
How far will they bear?
The massacre for division.
Light rays of tomorrow
Does it bring sorrow or twisted gratification
Rather live together
On the green mountains
A small hope that will present
I can stand in brave
Fulfill my crave
Mother Earth! Firms up.


She only know she is an unmarked rock,
Don’t ask her
Where from the breeze come?
Let her be as she is
An unmarked rock
She is your lyric
Beyond the vanishing edge of
Oh mystery! elemental and bright
She gives the strength to all the beings,
to sustain life on this glowing planet.
Fire, Air, water, elements have joined
On the high water of life!
She becomes astonished with her
own beauty.
A whisper approaches
Every moment
He is inspired by the
mighty mountains
Poetry is the outcome of man’s life
There was something inside her
A bitter song
Broken stars
On mountain of despair
She had overcome you.
She will rise alone to the top
A new life secretly grow out of
a dead tree
stretch out
grow up
Be free and easy
She endured the process of her
coming into being
And once again learnt the golden rule
to live and let other live
She found herself in a beautiful land
She wandered there from place to place
Warm and cosy is the feeling she
aspires you
Playful, cheerful and fun loving person.
is how
He could be described the best
Busy wondering what next he could do
Life is the endless race, race is
The life
No rhythm no tune,
No timing no theme
Farewell with shedding tears
To keep in touch.


O rulers of the world!
Who sitting in their ivory towers,
Do less while talking more.
Enough of Hatred, Violence, Bloodshed
The World has seen.
While craving peace we kindle war
The burden of rude humanity
Violence, crimes and wars.
Man will eat human flesh
Bones as his food.
It!s a fearful thing to
See God’s kindly,
Earth in sheets of blood
The earth has seen.
What haunted thoughts
quicken my pen.
For cry is not human resolve
for World Peace.
Peace can prevail over the world
by “Love” not by lethal weapons,
Who will come before me to
gather the young world wide
To uplift humanity.
Peace making mantras be recorded
In the new history.

Desperate she presses her hands
On the cold chest.
The pieces of her broken
Not to be scattered.
The dream that got lost in
the way,
In the lost island’s,
The thorn of the dead spring
In her desperate embrace
She is waiting – hoping
Her empty gaze
Who is rebelling
The steps of silence
disturb the sleep.
She woke up
She followed sounds
His sound, His sound
And set off on a Quest
And seek some peace
And sleep and rest.

A voice
What voice was that?
Into the dump world of her soul
A yelling in the
exalted company
A cold wave of terror
Creeps in the body
In a tear laden voice
A shutter
A frozen shriek
On parched lips
Drop by drop like dew
Has begun to drip
Into the dumb world of her soul.
Her heart is now a fallen leaf
It will only rise when the wind blows.
Life is longer than the Nile
Life can bounce like a ball
Having done whatever it can
Life will go down in the end
And set like the evening sun
The soul making a journey
Is it a long journey
An endless journey
Those who have gone
Have never returned.

A new place
A vision with hope
To start
But yet – no


World peace – a box of chocolate!
Peace lovers|
Knows what?
Peace give them
A potation demon
Peace talk may be good…
An act for demonstration.

Millennium! It is doomsday
Or opportunity – for Spiritual renewal
Churches seem worried
False predictions – “the second coming”
Undermine the authority of biblical
The worry…
Small signs of alarm
Stability of the economy
Millennium will fade…
A wishful thinking
The end of the world
Imagining are fun.

A cage of destiny
Confused, lonely, shattered
I wish
I could explain my desire
To ease the agony
I know
This vacuum will never be filled
Companion of loneliness
They pave a path of glee
Why do I drink
tears of loneliness.

Tomorrow you may not live to see life
Death and decay are there for everyone
People who buzz like bees
Are always in search of nectar
And desert like the cunning insect.


Image of sacrifice
Message of hope
A brilliant sun for me
Twilight in my life
Your has no prize
You destined to build my nest
This life
I owe
To you.


At first sight one may
fall in love
First thought may cause
Hence-give a second thought
Think a second time
a third if not
First thought may cause danger
Make one act foolish
in anger.

As a poet,
I sing the rhythm of life.
When the night is dark
I lead my way
I am adventurous, I reach anywhere
As a journalist,
My mind is always active
I write in my mind
Before I could type these thoughts.
The pen of power catches unaware.
Designing not a lonely art
Engaged with design
I pine for the unattainable
I sit confused on my table
The mind ablaze
The vision so clear
They won’t settle
The blank video cassette
Is being film again
Dreaming of plans
When will I be able to meet
But my brains still continue to tick.