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Awards & Recognition

As Founder of Impulse NGO Network and Impulse Social Enterprises, I have won several awards and have been recognised for my contributions to people and society.

While I have often been recognised for my individual efforts, the truth is none of what I did could have happened without the incredible support and tireless energy of my co-founders, team members, and countless partners over the years.

Together we have conceptualised, planned, and implemented many programs over the past three decades, all of which bring us closer to realising our vision, of a world without human trafficking and exploitation; a world where women and children live with happiness and dignity in a safe and nurturing environment.

Given below are some of the accolades we’ve received over the years.

Hasina Kharbhih CNN IBN India Positive Awards Oct 2012

CNN-IBN India Positive Award, 2012

The CNN-IBN India Positive Awards salute those Indians who spread the spirit of goodness, and bring about positive change around them, through selfless acts of their own. I was one of the select few Indians honoured at the inaugural edition of the award, for my work against child labour in the rat-hole mines of Meghalaya. |  About the Award.

Hasina Kharbhih ICC North East Excellence Award 2012

ICC Northeast Excellence Award, 2012

I received the prestigious “North East Excellence Award” from the Indian Chamber of Commerce, for my contribution as a social entrepreneur to the development of the Northeast region, through Impulse Social Enterprises (ISE), which is a hybrid business model related to livelihood creation, under “Prevention” pillar of the Impulse Model. | About the Award

GDN Global Development Award, 2012

The Impulse Model was selected as one of the top three models in the world, for its innovative development and practice. My Impulse NGO Network won the second prize in the competition for “the most innovative development project”. This honour opened up a world of recognition for us, allowing for wider regional replication of the model, beginning with Myanmar, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Hasina Kharbhih Japan Social Activista Award 2012

Japan Social Activist-a Award, 2012

This award was conferred upon me, for taking the issue of child-labour in the rat-hole mines of Meghalaya, to global audiences, to create awareness in the supply-chain and investor community, that resulted in the withdrawal of orders and investments in the sector, hence reducing the recruitment of child labour for these mines. | About the Award

Hasina Kharbhih Rising Talents Global Council Group 2007

Rising Talents Global Council Group, 2007

< Details Missing > | About the Award

About Impulse NGO Network and Impulse Social Enterprises

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