Entries by Hasina Kharbhih

My Best Friend

My greatest gift from God, “My Best Friend.” We are so close. Just like water in the bucket. It’s truly blend coz it’s true at heart. It brings the blessing of faith, happiness, And hope for the future. It’s just like a growing tree, Each day new leaves and stems Of different sizes and shapes. […]


Closing my eyes to sleep, I dreamt of designs. The picture so clear, I open my eyes To grab a sheet of paper, Searching for a pen To sketch my design, I start sketching The theme of my design; Closing my eyes again, I dreamt of colour. Colours so rare. I hunt for those colours, […]

A One-Sided Dream

Looking at the telephone, she wondered… Memories of a one-sided dream, a tiny drop of tears, felt silently into the telephone. A one-sided dream – a clutter, of hopes and tears, But a dream built – a great teacher, As she move along. Now it’s all over, Her minds it knows, It’s “love” but is […]

My L.T.S. Unit

Someone at times who can be very nice Someone at times who can be full of spice Someone at times who can be as naughty as ever But someone whom I shall love forever This someone is no other, than My own L.T.S. unit. A unit Who’s great big Fan of pop stars and the […]

World Cup

Everybody was happy and gay, When there was football every day. In the recent world cup Argentina has won, And all over there was frolic and fun. Maradona and his men got a lot of fame, As they put the Germans to shame. Everybody thought West Germany would win, But Argentina put all such thoughts […]