She only know she is an unmarked rock, Don’t ask her Where from the breeze come? Let her be as she is An unmarked rock She is your lyric Beyond the vanishing edge of Sight. Oh mystery! elemental and bright She gives the strength…

Give Peace a Chance

O rulers of the world! Who sitting in their ivory towers, Do less while talking more. Listen! Enough of Hatred, Violence, Bloodshed The World has seen. While craving peace we kindle war The burden of rude humanity Violence, crimes…

Lost Vision Of Hope

Desperate she presses her hands On the cold chest. The pieces of her broken heart, Not to be scattered. The dream that got lost in the way, In the lost island’s, The thorn of the dead spring In her desperate embrace She…

Unknown Destination

A voice What voice was that? Begun! Into the dump world of her soul A yelling in the exalted company A cold wave of terror Creeps in the body In a tear laden voice A shutter A frozen shriek On parched lips Drop by drop…


A new place A vision with hope To start Finding But yet – no Satisfaction.  

World Peace

World peace – a box of chocolate! Peace lovers| Knows what? Peace give them A potation demon Peace talk may be good… An act for demonstration.

Towards The Millennium

Millennium! It is doomsday Or opportunity – for Spiritual renewal Churches seem worried False predictions – “the second coming” Undermine the authority of biblical teachings. The worry… Small signs of alarm Stability…


A cage of destiny Confused, lonely, shattered I wish I could explain my desire To ease the agony I know This vacuum will never be filled Companion of loneliness They pave a path of glee Why do I drink tears of loneliness…


Tomorrow you may not live to see life Death and decay are there for everyone People who buzz like bees Are always in search of nectar And desert like the cunning insect.  


Image of sacrifice Message of hope A brilliant sun for me Twilight in my life Your has no prize You destined to build my nest This life I owe To you.  


At first sight one may fall in love First thought may cause danger Hence-give a second thought Think a second time a third if not First thought may cause danger Make one act foolish in anger.


As a poet, I sing the rhythm of life. When the night is dark I lead my way I am adventurous, I reach anywhere As a journalist, My mind is always active I write in my mind Before I could type these thoughts. The pen of power…


A prolonged want Satisfaction in pieces The destination Very near But it seems so far Why? No answer Still to go Wanting to… Achieve so fast How long?


Fame and fortune Is it the only desire But why? What satisfaction A proof of achievement Is what? the world believes In proof. Is it necessary At time a necessity.  


Mother… The most beautiful prayer for me, Her love deeper than sea Her prayer for is higher Than the sky. I learn to live and grow I longed somewhere in Her lap to sleep again With her around my life is full of Rosy wonders …