Exploring Dynamic Mentoring Models

“Exploring Dynamic Mentoring Models” is a book that compares various mentoring models in India, with western ones. It features our Brand Impulse Empower https://impulsempower.com, along with an interview with Founder & Managing Director, Hasina Kharbhih. The book also highlights the research and findings of Impulse NGO Network and its Hybrid Model, that led to the creation of Impulse Social Enterprises.

The book also mentions the team that supported Hasina’s journey with Impulse NGO Network and Impulse Social Enterprises – Rosanna Lyngdoh, A.G. Kharbhih, Debotosh Purkayastha, Mehernosh Shapoorjee, and Rekha Doley.

The book, written by 13 authors from around the world, features 10 case studies from India, showcases both mentor and protégé perceptions of mentoring, and appeals to both practitioners and scholars of leadership.

It is published by Palgrave Macmillan, and is available online here: https://www.palgrave.com/in/book/9783319564043