My Poetry

I wonder, I wonder
What life holds for me.
Life is like a wheel
Temptations at every nook and corner.
College surrounds me,
With different individuals…
Holding different views and ideas.
Some came, some left.
Leaving me in darkness.
I’ve found my light – confidence.
Remember confidence is life,
Weakness is misery.
Confidence in myself will never fade,
Even in the perils of life.


Waiting a theme!  A definition
Oh no!  A torture in real life.
A large portion of everyone’s life is waiting.
Waiting for the Miracle to happen,
Waiting – It’s a life wasted.
There’s no edge of satisfaction.
A prolonged process of purgatory.
Especially going from one state of waiting to another.
Waiting – What is the outcome?


Looking at myself in the mirror,
I see a bizarre face.
At every spot on my face,
My face is parched,
My mind is numb and dazed.
The truth is beyond reach.
But morning always breaks.
I visit my doctor,
To question why?
He turns towards me.
Creating an atmosphere of hope –
That will never, never stop,
You are the light.
Without you,
My bizarre face is barren.
Thank you for showing the light of hope to me.


The first time, I experience failure,
It felt it’s the end of the world.
Morning was full of cloud and thorn.
A bright sunshine made me realize,
I have been a fighter all through my life,
I tackle all the hardship
This failure is nothing, comparing to all those.
The question of what life is to me,
Arises at this point of view.
Life is full of second chances,
To change failure to success
Through a different attitude.
I don’t have to limit myself
All I need is a second chance,
The ability to recognize it
The courage to act.
No defeat is final until I stop trying,
The final decision I aim at.

My school life was terrific,
At times the student was full of spice.
At times full of mischief.
At times I cry, At times I laugh
But teachers are always there,
Teachers I shall cherish forever.
School was a part of me.
It was where I had a craze for “Stars”,
A craze for dancing, singing and anything
fun and beautiful.
Except examination.
The wailing could be heard,
It was time for me to part,
To choose a second School… College.
But school life is a photo to me,
Thank you, St. Joseph’s school,
For bringing out the best in me.


Life’s hard and it’s full of thorns
It has its ups and downs
I believe, every cloud has a silver lining.
Life is passing me so fast
Each day new experiences
It’s a challenge
But it’s just wonderful,
This only I can tell
None can march ahead
Without the light.
Hardships make life whole
And beautiful and worthwhile.
Failure is my most precious gift,
Sometimes failure tends to be strong
It doesn’t matter how many times
Success is the only thing that
really matters now.

Realization comes often
to me and myself
Was I born for the wrong facts of reality!
May be…
But was it also a test
For want of proof – to me,
Or the World I have come into
I have tried – yes
But I feel I’m growing older
Stark realization in me
Does it fade – or
Tighten the tourniquet
Around my neck
Like the sifting of debris
– of hated life
Am I seeking life
beyond the passage of truth and lies
I wake up to cry…
Why me –
I know somewhere in the future
I could save myself
Like the resisting of temptation
I will somehow search for that salvation
– and again blurt on in dreams.

Why God, Why me!
I see the forms of life
Bitter contrast to an earlier phase
I place my soul dependency
On the invisible man
I know feelings, new found
Will carve their niche
As he will decide
Our salutations to our lives!
When I glance out for reforms
Hoping that turmoils seize
or when I think
If wishes were dreams
And dreams were mirrors
Would I still have to look into myself
For realization comes too often
To me
To hide, to burn, to bury the guilt in me
For what it takes is known
Only to me and myself

My greatest gift from God, “My Best Friend.”
We are so close.
Just like water in the bucket.
It’s truly blend coz it’s true at heart.
It brings the blessing of faith, happiness,
And hope for the future.
It’s just like a growing tree,
Each day new leaves and stems
Of different sizes and shapes.
Each day, our friendship experience new incident.
Character that makes us cry, laugh and smile.
When one is away from home,
I’m always longing for the day
To smile and meet again,
As long as life permits.
I pray to God
To keep us together
I thank God for his gift of
Friend to me.
(My Thanks to my Dearest Friend, Cynthia Chu)

Closing my eyes to sleep,
I dreamt of designs.
The picture so clear,
I open my eyes
To grab a sheet of paper,
Searching for a pen
To sketch my design,
I start sketching
The theme of my design;
Closing my eyes again,
I dreamt of colour.
Colours so rare.
I hunt for those colours,
But never could find.
I wonder, I wonder.
Will my dream come true.

Looking at the telephone, she wondered…
Memories of a one-sided dream, a tiny drop of tears, felt silently into the telephone.
A one-sided dream – a clutter, of hopes and tears,
But a dream built – a great teacher,
As she move along.
Now it’s all over,
Her minds it knows,
It’s “love” but is different.
Sub-jugated questions…
Down confused virtues.
Wondering why…
Hoping in vain it will pass her by.
It was painful,
She let it go,
With a smile of hope.

Someone at times who can be very nice
Someone at times who can be full of spice

Someone at times who can be as naughty as ever
But someone whom I shall love forever

This someone is no other, than
My own L.T.S. unit.

A unit
Who’s great big
Fan of pop stars and the
Famous group “Wham”
And will adore them till the day
they are gone

My L.T.S. unit also loves to laugh. And
On the day of the meeting start
They think and think, “What to do”
But at the time of the meeting comes out
With flying ideas.

Everybody was happy and gay,
When there was football every day.

In the recent world cup Argentina has won,
And all over there was frolic and fun.

Maradona and his men got a lot of fame,
As they put the Germans to shame.

Everybody thought West Germany would win,
But Argentina put all such thoughts into the bin,
Who took Argentina to the winning path.
We Argentinians are very proud,
We can say it clear and loud.